Wonder Festival 2006 Winter

T.H.S.-02 G1 Convoy

US$42.5 Releasing March Preorder here


Brave Masterpiece MP-B02 DragonKizer

US$76.5 Releasing March Preorder here

Microman 2006: Evangelion Asuka and Rei in Plugsuit

US$13 each Releasing May Preorder here

Microman 2006: Acroyear XADO
AL-41 AcroSetsuna
AX-41 AcroDobby
AX-42 AcroMuzan

US$13 each Releasing Apr Preorder here

Microman 2006: Assasin Force
AF-11 Syouma
AF-12 Kyoshiro
AF-13 Yume

US$13 each Releasing Apr Preorder here

DMZ-01 Votoms Scope Dog (with Microman Kiriru)

US$90 Releasing End Mar Preorder here
Max Factory Bio Booster Unit Guyver New Lineup Release dates and Price unknown at this time.
Kaiyodo Spiderman Action Vignette figure

Blind box - US$4.3 each

Blind case (12) - US$48

Complete set of 5 US$30

Releasing late March Preorder here

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