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Episode 21: Fight! Liger Jack!

Clip 1

As Nitro Convoy, Exillion and First Aid went through under repair, Rori and Bert grumbled that they did not get to travel to other planets like Coby did. They asked to go to Animatros but Dreadrock said the beast planet is no place for humans. As Rori continued to complain, Nitro Convoy told her that as soon as they are done with their repairs, he will take her along to Animatros, and blushes when he hears Rori's delighted thanks.

Clip 2 On Animatros, a confrontation is taking place, with Liger Convoy trying yet another time to talk to Flame Convoy, who has instead taunted him into a fight, as it is the law of this planet, where the strongest command. The headstrong Liger Jack fell for his taunt and fought flame Convoy but got a pounding...
Clip 3 Trying to understand the background of Flame Convoy, Saidos told Galaxy Convoy about how in the beginning a band of young beast transformers came to learnt from Saidos, so that they can become stronger and learn to protect everyone on the planet from the savages. However, as Flame Convoy gained power, he hungrys for more. As time goes by, he defeated everyone on the planet and became the leader.
Preview Next Episode: "Rori! Trip to planet of the Beast!"
Last Epsiode Deadly Battle on the other side of Aurora!!

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