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Superlink Episode 51 (Final Episode): Energon! That is the Sun!!

Clip 1 (0.98MB) After sealing Unicron within himself, Grand Convoy went offline while Galvatron went to the place where Unicron spark was, currently guarded by Kicker. Understanding the power of Unicron can be a planet eater but at the same time a planet creator, Primus announced that this is the time to use the Super Energon. As he absorbed super energon to himself, he asked all the Autobots to head for Jungle planet where Grand Convoy laid offline.
Clip 2 (1.47MB) As the Autobots gathered around Grand Convoy on Jungle planet, with their combination sparks were activated. Believing that to revive their commander, they will superlink their combination sparks which infused with their own sparks with Grand Convoy, the ultimate superlink. Understanding that this would mean they could cease to exist.
Clip 3 (1.92MB) Meanwhile, Kicker tried to take on Galvatron, outmatched but was rescued by Omega Supreme. As Omega Supreme tackled Galvatron, he said that when Grand Convoy talked about Unicron existing within all Transformers, it did not meant Unicron came into their body but it was the evil thoughts within the Transformers that give birth to Unicron... allowing him to take over. Galvatron laughed and simply said that he will destroy anyone who wants to take over, it's all will power. Back on Jungle planet, the Autobots became just sparks and superlink themselves with Grand Convoy.
Clip 4 (1.28MB) On Cybertron, both Megazarak and Roadbuster laid in stasis after a final battle, Roadbuster's combination spark was activated. With the raising aggressiveness in Galvatron, it attracted the Unicron spark and bonded with it, enlarging him to Unicron's size and again falling into Unicron's control. Fully absorbed with Super Energon, Primus broke through the underground and hover above Cybertron, as the immerse energy continued to amplify. Back on Jungle planet, even with all the sparks from the Autobots, Grand Convoy did not reactivate, it would seem there is still one spark missing...
Clip 5 (1.9MB) With his last energy, Megazarak carried Roadbuster to Jungle planet so his spark can superlink with Grand Convoy. Before Megazarak deactivate, he told Roadbuster he is doing this to help his master Galvatron escape the control of Unicron and not that he is agreeing with Roadbuster, even though his last words were calling out to his home...
On Cybertron, Primus, imbued with the power of Super Energon, begins to move towards where the Galvatron-Unicron is...
Clip 6 (2.07MB) Sensing Primus is on the way, Kicker said they must keep Galvatron here. Omega Supreme unleashed all his power on the planet sized Galvatron, although he did slowed down Galvatron for a while, he was no match for the giant Galvatron. Just then, a shiny globe shot through space and hit Galvatron, out of the globe appear Grand Convoy. Seeing Grand Convoy, Omega Supreme also gave his combination spark to Convoy, with all the Autobots' sparks within him, Omega Convoy became the same size as Galvatron.
Clip 7 (2.44MB) As Convoy and Galvatron locked themselves in battle, Kicker suddenly warned Convoy that Primus will be here soon and he should disengage the battle and get out of the way, but Covnoy refused, he intend to make sure Unicron will not escape again and end this once and for all. As Primus's energy globe approached, Galvatron's conscious regain control of the body and shoved Convoy out of the way, vowing that he will not accept the help from anyone especially from Grand Convoy, he will singlehandly rid of anyone who attempts to control him. Before he turned towards the energy globe, he told his rival, Grand Convoy, he has been a worthy opponent. With that, he headed towards the globe, with the loyal Nightscream following closeby, knowing that his master is making this move under no other influence, he will gladly follow his master to the end. As Galvatron was engulfed in the globe, it started a chain reaction and became a new sun, similar the one Alpha Q created with Unicron's head.
Clip 8 (1.29MB) Under the new energon sun created by Galvatron, the planets flourish with life... as the episode ends, Rodimus Convoy turned to Grand Convoy and said "it's finally ended." But Grand Convoy answered, "No, under the new sun, it is a new beginning!"

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