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30 Dec 2003:

Detail shots of the Store Exclusive Energy Weapons have been uploaded, AquaMarine Energy Axe & Black Hole Energy Axe, Corona Flame Energy Spear. Royal Clear Energy Spear will be added soon.
"Some interesting background information was featured in HyperHobby regarding the Omnicons and Terrorcons, due to the high purity of energy in the newly discovered super Energon, the Transformers could not consume them directly (as they did with Energon) without overloading their circuits, however, a sub-race of Transformers, known as the Omnicons and Terrorcons, were able to absorb these highly concentrated energy and even refined to various energy weapons."
The Minicons were been introduced as a sub-race of Cybertron in Micron Legend/Armada series, now in Superlink/Energon, we learnt that there are more races on Cybertron, the Omnicons and Terrorcons. One might wonder how many more races are there on Cybertron.

TFW2005 has picture of Universe King Atlas in Package here. Credt: TFW2005

27 Dec 2003:

Latest issue of HyperHobby was released today, with new pictures and news,
1. Micron Booster Version 1 will be released in Jan. This series will be available in all shops instead of designated Transformers station like version 0 previously. It appears Energon Saber from Superlink will be part of the series.
2. Stores exclusive Energon Weapons reported yesterday was also featured in this issue.
3. Micron Legend DVD Vol. 10 exclusive minicon will be Sunburn, last member of the AquaRaider Team.
4. Some detail pictures of Takara reissue Vol. 12 Minibots including comparison head shots of Bumblebee.
5. Dreamwave Transformers comics will be released in Japanese in Japan, instead of monthly issues, they will be released in tradepaperback format directly.
6. Also detail report of Superlink features (Hotshot, Inferno, Roadbuster and Skyfire) in the Superlink series.
Order your copy here.

Latest issue of TV Magazine (and Terebi-kun) released today, as reported before, this issue of TV Magazine comes with a free "Superlink Special Secret Video". We are taking orders for both titles, $8 each copy.
Some characters introduction were featured in TV Magazine. 1, 2, 3.
The video contains some intro to the series and Cybertron/Autobot characters, as well as toyline. See some screenshots here (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) as well as some sample clip - high res (59MB, not recommended for dial up connection), low res (6MB). ENJOY!

26 Dec 2003:

The last episode of Micron Legend was aired today and with it was a special short preview of Superlink to be on air on 9 Jan 2004 as well as 2 commercials of the Toyline (released yesterday). Captured and Presented to you by the team here,
Very High res: Preview(26MB), Commercial 1(24MB) & Commercial 2(12MB) [Due to high volume, they will be taken down in a week -> 3 Jan 2004]
Low Res: Preview (6.5MB), Commercial 1(6MB) & Commercial 2(3MB)
Very Low Res: Preview (600KB), Commercial 1(540KB) & Commercial 2(300KB)
Some screenshots from the Preview clip, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
[Editor: Stay Tuned for more.....much more....]

Takara website and TV-Tokyo website have opened Official Superlink sites, one concentrates on Toyline (Takara) and the other on the Animation (TV-Tokyo), tons of info and a whole range of Stores' exclusive Superlink weapons have been introduced in addition to the Pos-ful Royal Clear Energon Spear been reported below. More detail description to follow...

Exclusive item
If you buy...
Corona Flame Edition Energy Spear Jusco Dept. 26 Dec ~ Grand Convoy or MegaZarak or RoadBuster.
Royal Clear Edition Energy Spear

Pos-ful, Pelican, Joshin kids' land, Heiwa-Dou

From 1 Jan for all except for Joshin Kids' land (From 10 Jan) Grand Convoy
Aquamarine Edition Energy Axe Toys R Us Japan

First: 26 Dec~
Second: 1 Jan~

2000 yen or above worth of purchase on Superlink related item
Black Hole Edition Energy Axe Ito-Yokado 26 Dec~ Grand Convoy

Energy Spear is from AirGlide's weapon, Energy Axe is from BlastArm's weapons.

Not really news but uploaded the whole Translated Chapter 9 of Linkage. Enjoy! [Editor: slight "refinements" are expected on the translated material]

25 Dec 2003:

Takara website (event info) just announced a Posful-Takara fair to be held from 1 Jan 2004 to 12 Jan 2004, among them is a special Energy Spear (Royal Clear version) to be given for free only when you purchase a Grand Convoy. The 18 Posful chain stores are mostly located in the upper Northern part of Japan, Hokkaido region. And so begins the Superlink exclusive madness....

Transformers Superlink Toyline has been released!! As reported, a total of 14 transformers were released at once, beside being sold individually, HotShot and Infernor, RoadBuster and SkyFire also came as Superlink set, the team here will post pictures as soon as everyone has recovered from "shock" of this overwhelming huge release. AirGlide seemed to have Autobot insignias on all the wings (1,2) and slight different paint scheme compare to SkyBlast. Some fun pictures before the full gallery is ready...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

Takara reissue vol. 11 Astrotrain was also released today!!

Masterpiece Convoy and Binaltech Lambor have been restock, Masterpiece is properly out of stock (again!) when this report is being uploaded.

TRU Japan has released Armada Thrust (Maroon color) exclusively, although none of the team here have seen it on the shelves yet, TRU Japan online has started to accept order for this item.

24 Dec 2003:

Micron Legend DVD Vol. 9 released today, comes with exclusive evil Minicon, Breach, repaint of StormCloud in Sea Micron. Breach is the second member of AquaRaider team. Translated Chapter 9 of Linkage comic and detail shots of Breach will be up in a bit.
[Update: Detail shots of Breach is up, First draft translation of Linkage comic will be up shortly, check back for improved contents]

23 Dec 2003:

Takara reissue Micromaster DX has been released in Japan today, you can pick up a complete regular set from here at only US$20, and separate chase version here. with new packaging (20th anniversary style), detail coloring and even a backstory, this rather "controversial" classic Micromaster with 36 different coimbinations is looking very collectible now, detail shots will be up later. direct email order

In the latest issue of Degenki Hobby, there is the now official Superlink toyline (only featured Cybertrons/Autobots in the article, Destrons/Decepticons will also be released at the same time) to be released on 26 Dec. And now a tradition, Kabaya, the candy maker will be releasing Superlink related candies with small toys, the first line to be out in mid Jan 2004 will be Jigsaw Puzzle Transformer, 10 designs in all, only US$2, taking preorder here for those who are interested. direct email order

Latest issue Dengeki Hobby (reported above) and Hobby Japan will be offciially released on 25 Dec. You can place order here. This issue of Dengeki Hobby comes with an exclusive M.S. in Action Core Booster, highly recrecommended. direct email order

[From the editors here: A tribute to Starsabers...only Darksaber (Armada) and Ex-Dimension Starsaber are linked currently, more links to be added later]

TFClub posted some big detail pictures of Energon Arcee and Alternator/Binaltech Hound. credit to: TFClub

15 Dec 2003:

e-Hobby has listed BT-03 Binaltech Silverstreak for preorder here. Item is expected to ship in March 2004.

12 Dec 2003:

After 2 days of searching, Masterpiece Convoy/Optimus Prime and Binaltech Lambor (SideSwipe) has been sighted. While BT-02 Lambor can still be found easily, the stocks on MP Convoy has been very low, it is expected the first batch of MP Primes will be all gone by weekend.
The spec card with some translated background can be seen on the links above. Detail pictures will be up soon.

Hasbro official Transformers site has added some more pictures of upcoming releases. Go here for news on the site.
1. Energon: Landmine, Robot, Vehicle. ETR: Spring 2004
2. G1: Skids, Robot, Vehicle. ETR: Summer 2004

An announcement from Cosmicrust to the Fandom:
It is with great regret that I have to report that Ken from, maker of high quality reproduction and custom Transformer parts and accessories, has recently suffered two strokes which have resulted in some physical disabilities, as well as, a loss of memory. Currently, Ken is in rehabilitation for his condition and does not have access to either his website or his email. If you have recently sent in either parts or money or are currently waiting for any type of info or product from Ken, it may be some time before his condition improves and he is once again able to remember or find documentation on his password for his email account, as well as, the status of outstanding orders and projects. On behalf of Ken and his family, I ask that anyone currently waiting for shipment of goods be patient until Ken can deal with both the backlog of orders at his shop, as well as, the mass of emails that he can currently not access due to the memory loss. Please keep in mind that the extent and permanence of his recent misfortune is not known at this time and as a result of the memory loss it will be some time before he is able to deal with any of his previous business. On behalf of Cosmic Rust, I wish Ken a speedy recovery and am hoping that he will be able to return to his shop in the near future to continue to provide his unparalleled quality reproductions for fans everywhere. Personally, I would also like to extend my blessings to both his family and friends for being by his side during this time. As a favor, I ask that any webmasters reading this help to get this message out to the public in support of Ken and If I hear of any updates on Ken's condition or on the state of his service, I will be sure to post the info here. Special thanks to Delta Star from for helping to track down Ken and discover the seriousness of his recent absence from his business, as well as, the internet.

10 Dec 2003:

Latest issue of Figure King was released. With some additonal updates and pictures on the previously reported upcoming releases. Please go here to order a copy...
1. TF Superlink : Characters designs of the series was featured. See pic for detail translation. The rest of info are the same as reported before. Also further details on the characters of the Transformers were revealed, see below for more details.
2. An idea from the editor: Drill Convoy... if you buy 4 sets of Grand Convoy. Showing that the limbs are all interchangeable.
3. As reported before, the first wave of Superlink will be release end of Dec. (according to other mag. 26 Dec), Wave 1 will include:
Cybertrons/Autobots - Hotshot ("grown up" version of Hot Rod), Inferno (Sniper/Defense Chief), Blastarm (Ability to refine Energon, member of the Omnicon), Airglide (Tracker, Omnicon), Roadbuster (martial art expert, Kicker's partner) Skyfire (Reformatted Jetfire, second in command), Energon Saber and Grand Convoy.
Destron/Decepticons - Jaguar (Demolition commando, will appear with drones in series), Nightscream, Ironhide (exist peacefully with humans and the Cybertrons), Sandstorm, Shockwave and Megazarak. (it's going to be an expensive month!)
4. Micromaster Deluxe Landcross: the chase version now has picture, the Stealth version will have a black repaint of the regular version.
5. Micron Legend DVD vol.10 will be release on 28 Jan, with exclusive minicon, Sunburn, (repaint of OceanGlide), which will be the last member of the Aqua-Raider Team.
6. Other repeated news are Binaltech Lambro(Sideswipe), Takara reissue Astrotrain and Masterpiece Optimus Prime. Worthy to note is though Hasbro has confirmed that the ion rifle for MP Optimus will be black, the picture has shown that the Takara version is still sporting a light gun metallic color with blue details.

8 Dec 2003:

Hasbro official Transformers site has some new pictures of 2004 releases, go here for original news1, news2 or directly to the pictures below. special thanks to TFW2005 for linking the large images.
1. Alternator: Silverstreak, Robot, Vehicle. ETR: Summer 2004
2. Universe: Skydive, Robot, Beast. ETR: Spring 2004
3. Energon: Arcee, Robot, Vehicle. ETR: Spring 2004
4. Energon: Optimus Prime Energon Blaster. ETR: Summer 2004
5. Energon: Insecticon, Robot, Bug. ETR: Spring 2004
6. Energon: Mirage, Robot, Vehicle. ETR: Spring 2004
7. Energon: Megatron Energon Sword. ETR: Summer 2004

TFW2005 has posted a picture of yet another repaint of the G1 Combaticons (Bruticus), this time known as Universe Ruination. Go here to see post and picture. Credt: TFW2005

Cosmicrust has some sneak peek on the Universe Spychanger Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus ( both in Sam's club exclusive deco) release yet to be announced. Credt:

4 Dec 2003:

eHobby has listed another exclusive Transformers, known as Dimension Exploration Experimental Unit G1 Gobots. These are the repaint version of Takara reissue vol. 12, Minibots. D.E.E.U. will come with 6 minibots, 3 Autobots and 3 Decepticons.
Bad-Boy: Decepticon, repaint of Powerglide
Treads: Decepticon, repaint of Warpath
BugBite: Decepticon, repaint of Bumblebee (with Anime version head)
RoadRanger: Autobot, repaint of Huffer
PathFinder: Autobot, repaint of Cosmos
SmallFoot: Autobot, repaint of Gears
Among them, BadBoy, Treads and Pathfinder actually appeared in one of the promotional diorama shots in the 80's, (properly as a mistake like Diaclone color Ultra Magnus). Spec card will be original artwork with repaint color. The set is 3,500 Yen(excluding tax and shipping) and expected to ship end of March 2004.

Energon line has been reported been released in most stores in the USA.

1 Dec 2003:

Latest issue of toy magazine, HyperHobby is out today. Featuring official toys pictures of Superlink. According to the report, all lineup reported in the article will be released on 26 Dec!! Check out partial scan of the report and go here to place order on this issue.
1. SuperLink Autobot lineup, Robot mode &Vehicle mode. Grand Convoy still have full face plate!!
2. Superlink Decepticons lineup, Robot mode &Vehicle mode. All Decepticons including Megazarak seemed to sport different shades of green color.
3. Masterpiece Convoy: Scheduled to release mid Dec... 1, 2.
4. Micron Legend DVD Vol. 9 with exclusive minicon, Breach(?) of Aqua Raider Team, a repaint of StormCloud.
5. Also reported are: Binaltech Sideswipe (release mid Dec), Takara reissue vol.11: Astrotrain (release 26 Dec), DX Micromaster Landcross with chase version call Stealth mode, although no picture is shown on this chase version, also releasing mid Dec.
6. It was also reported that in the TV series scheduled to air on 9 Jan 2004, Rad & Alexis from the Micron Legend/Armada line will be also appearing. Properly following the style used by the Zoids TV series and the MRR TV series, Superlink will have both CG as well as traditional Cel art, which should be a significant improvement from the Micron Legend quality.

Latest issue of TV-Magazine released today also featured Superlink with 2 new characters in addition to the others previously reported, Alpha Q - a Quintesson type entity, and Kicker, human in powersuit. It also has a introduction to Superlink stoyline...
" It was 10 years after Micron Legend, humans and the Autobots have builded a peaceful society on Earth. Just then, a very powerful source of energy called "Energon" was discovered, wanting to have this power for it's own, a mysterious army under the lead of Alpha Q launched an attack on Earth. Can Grand Convoy protect Earth from this onslaught? A new battle begins... with new age of Transformers!"
The next issue of TV-Magazine (released on 27 Dec) will include a promotional video of Superlink.

Remember Blue Ultra Magnus (Overload) of Micron Legend been reported sometime in September? By entering a lucky draw held by TV-Magazine, the exclusive Blue Ultra Magnus will be given out as prize to 100 lucky winners, that is correct, only 100 in existence, this item is rare. Raijin Optimus, a core member of was one of the 100 lucky winners, and has allowed Fan-to-Fan to put a page of the Blue Ultra Magnus (Overload) detail shots and also added some new pic for TRU Exclusive Magna Convoy deluxe set. Special Thanks to Raijin Optimus. [editor : this time, we are unable to secure extra quantity for sale]

Micron Legend DVD vol. 8 exclusive minicon detail shots are up. Check here.

27 Nov 2003:

TV Tokyo, the network TV channel that is currently airing Transformers Mircon Legend, has opened an official site for Transformers SuperLink series. While nothing beyond the site has been featured currently, it does say that Superlink will be aired from 9 Jan 2004, in the same time slot as Micron Legend. To think back, Micron Legend started to air on 10 Jan of this year....

Initial part of Linkage comic Vol. 8 has been added... expect the rest of the chapter to be up by end of the day.

26 Nov 2003:

Micron Legend DVD Vol. 8 was released today. Comes with exclusive Minicon repaint, Freeboot of the Aqua Raider team, a repaint of the Sea Microns. Detail shots is up!!.

Due to popular demand, a new section has been added, Manga/Comic section, featuring some comic work from Japan which were never compiled anywhere with translation by fans. In the future, fan works and artwork will also be included. So do check back time to time... First to be featured in this new section is "Linkage", the exclusive comic from the Micron Legend DVD volumes, Enjoy!

23 Nov 2003:

Latest issue of Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan can be found on some shops today. and in both issues came the official report of the upcoming Masterpiece Convoy/Optimus Prime (in full color and with trailer).
From Dengeki Hobby: 2 full pages feature
Page 1: with trailer (papercraft fold-out trailer will be included with Convoy in package, yep, it's soft cardboard in the picture).
Page 2: more closeup shots of the Takara color version.
Official Takara Masterpiece Convoy Ad.
From Hobby Japan: 1 full page report
Also talks about trailer and bumblebee on his arm comm...
Dengeki Hobby comes with an exclusive free 1/144 scale Gundam model (RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1). As always packed with tons of toys and models news, you can order both titles here.

Spoiler News: Pictures in this report are not official so please skip if you do not wish to be spoiled.
TFClub posted some very detail shots of the upcoming Energon Megatron (or Superlink Galvatron), check it out here. According to the poster, In Robot mode, Megatron measures up to 16 inch from toe to shoulder missiles and in Jet mode, he is about 15 inch from wingspan to wingspan...Cool! credit to: TFClub

22 Nov 2003:

Hasbro updated their site with alot of pictures of their upcoming line, special thanks to TFW2005 for linking the large images.
Alternator Hound (robot, vehicle)
Energon Demolisher: vehicle, robot.
G1 reissue Rodimus Prime: vehicle, robot
G1 reissue Dirge: vehicle, robot
Universe Skywarp: vehicle, robot
Universe DINOBOT TRICERADON: beast, robot
Universe King Atlas: vehicle, robot
Energon Perceptor: Grinder (robot, vehicle), Sureshock (robot, vehicle) and Highwire (robot, vehicle)

TF Club and TFW2005 has picture of Masterpiece Optimus Prime in package. See news here or here. credit to: TFW2005. & TFClub

21 Nov 2003:

e-Hobby has listed Series 2 of the Extremely Small Transformers for pre-order, strangely, as reported before, the lineup was Jazz, Prowl, Skids, Hot Rod and Megatron, however in the picture from e-Hobby, Thrust, Red Alert and Optimus Prime are also shown. There are six regular figures and 2 chase in series 2, does that mean 2 of these figures are chase figures? And are they planning to release Optimus Prime truck part again and is it just a mock up title? More info should be available when the new issue of toy magazine released in a few days time.

20 Nov 2003:

K-Mart has released a special Armada Optimus Prime with Jetfire exclusive giftset, in this set, Optimus comes with a gold chest (instead of the original red), Jetfire seems to be the same and the set also includes a handful of minicons, Corona Sparkplug (or Sparkplug), Commettor, Longarm and the Adventure team, the minicons are not repaints See news here. credit to: TFW2005. & AllSpark

Some more prototype shots of upcoming Energon line have pop-up on ebay (1, 2). Don't click if you do not wish to be spoiled. thanks to: CosmicRust. & Autobase for the news

19 Nov 2003:

TRU Exclusive Magna Convoy deluxe set is out today!! And it is out of stock within 30min of store open, both on shelves and online, unfortunately it seems there are a few scalpers out there that is taking up the stocks. Detail picture will be up soon..see item pic here.
[Update] Detail shots are up... expect more "comparison" pictures to be added by end of the month.

17 Nov 2003:

A piece of news from the current issue of Figure King was missed out, a test shot with the lineup of the second series Extremely Small Transformers has been revelaed. Pic here, the second series will include Jazz (Miester), Prowl, Skids, Hot Rod and Megatron, it is unknown at this point what is the chase for this act but it is speculated that one of the might be Bluestreak, more details will be reveal in the next issue.

16 Nov 2003: got hold of some scans of the upcoming Takara Superlink series. Check out the link here. Update: TFClub, a chinese online TF message board has full large scans of the reported catalogue, go here (could take a ...long...while to load).

TFW2005 has pic of the Alternator Sideswipe in package (source from ebay auction). Check it out here.

14 Nov 2003:

Some interesting info has been revealed in the Q&A section from Hasbro Transformers online. Including plans to have Decepticons in Alternator line, meaning Binaltech will likely to have it too. Check out the whole article here.

10 Nov 2003:

Cosmicrust has a link from Strker of on the new Energon Landmine. Check it out here. credit to: CosmicRust. &

5 Nov 2003:

Takara official Transformers site has been renew with new look and addtional material (mostly reported before but these are the official pictures from Takara). Go here to see it.

Although no official announcement had been made by Takara yet, it has been popping up on various online boards that the next Transformers series in Japan after Micron Legend will be titled Superlink, which is expected to be the equivalent of Hasrbro's Energon series. As soon as Takara release an official news on this, we will bring it to you immediately.

4 Nov 2003:

Hasbro has put up pictures of wave 2 of the upcoming Energon series. In wave 2, the following lineup were previewed, Autobots: Signal Flare, Rodimus, Prowl and Decepticons: Divebomb, Cruellock and Snowcat. Go here to see the pictures, click on individual one for larger resolution.

Armada minicons Sea team and Emergency team repaint were reported been released in US, these repaints are different from the Ex-dimension repaints from Micron Legend, go here to see news and picture. credit to: TFW2005

2 Nov 2003:

Our Japan editor just came back from a long ovedue holiday and bring the following new updates from Japan!
29 Oct: Micron Legend DVD vol. 7 was released, and with it the last member of the female Sonic Assault team, Twirl. Detail shots are up. The comic storyline reused some very interesting concept such as spark form and spark linkage (as per the title of the comic), similar to those showed in Beast Wars.
30 Oct: PS2 Transformers game is finally out, for those who pre-ordered the game, it came with a free DVD titled "Matrix Disk 01", some video clips will be uploaded later from the contents of the DVD as well as the gameplay.
1 Nov: Latest issue of HyperHobby was out, not much new news but do have some exclusive Transformers pictures, including the next DVD exclusive minicon team lineup, Aqua Raider team featuring FreeBoot, a military theme repaint of sea microns. Also in the issue was a partial full page report on the MP Optimus Prime/Convoy with further report on TRU Japan exclusive Magna Convoy Deluxe set including the size comparison with the MP OP/Convoy.
1 Nov: New issues of TV magazine was released, in it was the draw results of the Blue Ultra Magnus(Overload) and another lucky draw of 10 Gold Jetfire (picture is not final product image), part of 160 Gold figures from various anime and SF series, this draw is to commemorate 32 anniversary of TV magazine. 10 Gold Jetfire is the only Transformer figure in the extremely rare 160 gold lineup, with only 10 to be given out, this could be the rarest Transformer from the Micron Legend line, even the gold Super Convoy has about at least 25 in existence from all the magazines and departmental stores' luck draws.
As always, you can order the mentioned magazines or volume 7 of the DVD from

24 Oct 2003:

Latest issue of Figure King, Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan were released today!! With a load of news on Transformers. Here goes...
1. A follow up to the Clear Overload/Ultra Magnus reported below, Figure King reported that TRU Japan will be exclusively releasing a limited edition box set of Special Color Convoy with Clear version Ultra Magnus as well as Ex-dimension of Street Action Microns. The special edition Magna Convoy is to reflect the final battle scene in the TV series. Expected to release mid to end of November.
2. Figure King also featured a full page report on Masterpiece Convoy (Optimus Prime), though coloring is not been applied, Speculation: Could this mean Takara might be planning a slight alterations to the color compare to the US version? More on MP OP below...
3. BinalTech Sideswipe is now official, expected to be release mid December at 4980Yen (same as BinalTech Smokescreen). More on this below...
4. Micromaster reissue is now Micromaster Deluxe with the release of Landcross, scheduled to release in mid December (also!!) through the same distribution method as previous Micromasters reissues, ie. convenient stores. As the reissue "tradition", there will be a Black chase version.
5. A very comprehensive guide on Transformers toyline (from 1985 till before Beast wars) was released in Japan a few years ago, which was out of print currently. However, this guide book will be reprinted due to popular demand and Figure King mentioned an unconfirmed rumor that more materials will be added to this already enriched guide.
6. Besides Figure King, Dengeki Hobby also did a 2 full page report on MP Optimus Prime, although still without final colors, however, Dengeki Hobby did show the size of MP to the classic version as well as the suspension on the wheels... check them out here, 1, 2, 3 .
7. Dengeki Hobby also did a full page report on BinalTech Sideswipe, a few closeup scans were possible due to the clear pictures in the report, including the robot mode, closeup of face, vehicle mode, vehicle mode 2, the much discussed about knee joints and the engine-turned-weapon.
As usual you can order this titles from here.

CosmicRust has put up picture of the upcoming Energon Megatron, go and check them out here.

23 Oct 2003:

e-Hobby will be releasing a grey-purple base Astrotrain, it will be an e-Hobby exclusive, known as Astrotrain Proto-color version, e-Hobby stated that it is a long sought after version by fans, taken from the initial catalogue (presumebly the US or Europe version). e-Hobby will be providing a tech spec character card that is different from the version that comes in Takara Reissue Vol. 11 Astrotrain. Details and picture can be found on the e-Hobby page.

Cosmicrust has listed a number of pictures on the upcoming Energon series and a never seen before Clear Overload (ML Ultra Magnus), it was rumored that this could be another Japan exclusive item, considering the face is consistent with the Micron Legend version. As soon as Japan confirms any official news on this item, it will be reported immediately. credit to: CosmicRust. & AllSpark
Clear Ultra Magnus/Overload: Robot, Vehicle
Energon Unicron package: front, back
Energon Starscream: Robot mode front, Robot mode back, Vehicle mode front, Vehicle mode back.
Energon Treadbolt and Rollbar
Energon Landmine
Energon Rodimus Prime
Universe Skywarp

17 Oct 2003:

Ex-Dimension Emergency Team was released today, this is the repaint of Emergency Team. Detail shots will be up later, for now, check out these pictures on them in a rather cheerful color. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

10 Oct 2003:

Counting down to the release of PS2 Transformers game. In the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation released today, a full page never-been-seen-before ad was featured on this game which now confirmed to release on 30 Oct. In the same issue, even more new characters from the game are been reported, from the Headmasters series, Chromdome, Hardhead, Brainstorm and HighBrow, as well as the Firebots, Grotusque and Doublecross. And from the Decepticons, Headmaster: WeirdWolf, Skullcruncher and MindWipe, Triplechanger: Snapdragon and Apeface, and Sixshot. It would be interesting to see how Sixshot and the headmasters play in the game. Though most online game sites that previewed this game has reported that it would be a led down... however, trying to get a whole generation of Transformers characters into a game, therein paying tribute to the TF fandom is an effort that should be applauded.

On an indirect related story, Bandai-Sega will be releasing a new PS2 Macross game on 23 Oct, (a week before Transformers PS2). Featuring some original characters/mechas as well as the classic ones from the original TV series and the Movie: "do you remember love?". It seemed to have the same play style as Transformers game, 3rd person view, transformable Valkarie, 3D action shooting game..... October could be a month of games that are more than meet the eyes.

9 Oct 2003:

TRU Japan has exclusively imported another Armada Transformer, Powerlinx Jetfire, and is release today. As with all US edition Transformers, except for an extra sticker on the box, the rest of the content is exactly the same as the original US released version.

According to E-Hobby, the next Takara Collection, bookstyle reissue vol.12 is indeed the rumored minibots collection. From the picture, this volume will include Bumblebee, Huffer, Gears, Powerglide, Cosmos and Warpath. It seems Bumblebee will have a remolded face to look like the anime version. volume 12 is expected to ship Feb. 2004, which could means it willbe release end of Jan. or Feb. 2004. Thanks to TFW2005 for the heads-up.

Over the course of last few weeks, there have been a tremendous amount of pictures circulating online, they are mostly upcoming releases from the Energon line, some Universe and Armada repaints. Collected all here are some links to see them, please note that these are spoilers,
(the soon to be notorious) Energon Prime, in package, some detail shots. The thread also includes links on shots of Energon Starscream, Energon Scorponok, Hotshot and Inferno.
And Cosmicrust has some shots on E-Ravage, E-StarSaber and E-Unicron, as well as links to some prototypes shots on Rodimus, Prowl and an un-named TF. credit to: CosmicRust. & TFW2005

1 Oct 2003:

In a pleasant surprise TV magazine has shipped out the first batch of their exclusive Crystal Convoy!! It is quite different from the way Scourge was shipped in terms of timing, furthermore the closing date to place the pre-order will only be closed in a few days. This could mean all 5000 units were been pre-ordered at a very early stage. For detail shots of this exclusive item go here and here for Scourge. [Editor's note: Please be advised that do not have any more extra Crystal Convoy for sale]

Latest issue of HyperHobby was released today, as usual packed with tons of toy news, however, nothing new on Transformers besides what was already been reported last week.

Micron Legend DVD vol. 6 was out today, with it comes another member of Sonic Assault Team, Combusta. For detail pic, see here.

29 Sep 2003:

Kabaya Transformers G1 bottlecap series was released in Japan. The first series/wave includes 12 figures in retro-Black and White and 2 chase figures in colors. The figures and the cap bases canbe detached for separate diorama display. Each box costs about $2 and comes with a simple tech spec. Although small and only in greyscale color (except for the chases), these small figures are great for desktop display. For detail shots go here.

26 Sep 2003:

Major releases today!!
BinarTech or as Takara offically labelled it, Binaltech has been release, first from this line is Smokescreen. This thing is heavy, you can feel the touch of cold metal with all the die-cast parts. And instruction sheet is no longer a folded spreadsheet but a color booklet with profile, Impreza specs. Character card is included also. For more detail shots of this COOL toy, go here.
On to the story of Binar-Tech (or Binaltech in Takara official title), please excuse for the first draft translation...almost literal translation. The year is 2003, a little more than a decade since Transformers and Humankind made first contact. The world went thru big changes after that, construction of Cybertron City, Formation of EDC (Earth Defence Corps.) and space travel. Mankind and Autobots (Cybertrons) has adapted to each other's lifestyle and now sharing a common destiny. Utilizing a techno-virus "Cosmic-Rust", the Decepticons (Destrons) managed to damage most of the Autobots to the extend beyond repair, using this tatics, most of the Autobot Earth's defense force fell. At the same time, Megatron was close to conquering Cybertron and managed to cut off Autobot's supply line between Earth and Cybertron. With a diminishing force, low supply and no reinforcement, the Autobots and mankind are almost on the verge of defeat when EDC came up with a last resort, "Develop man-made Transformer", thus Project Binaltech was launched immediately. With the cooridnation of the mother computer, Teletran-1, the world's leading industries and research facilities began to pour their resources to develop a humanoid transformable machine so as to counter this crisis. The result is a range of Earth made robot mold. By transferring the sparks of the damaged and infected Autobots to these new bodies, the warriors were reborn. This is the story how mankind and Cybertron's last hope, Binaltech Transformers were born.

Also out are Micron Legend Unicron (1,2, 3), Ultra Magnus (or Armada Overload), some initial shots 1,2,3, 4 and Super Mode Ironhide (Powerlinx Demolisher).

25 Sep 2003:

Latest issue of Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan were released today, as a 6-issue running special, Dengeki Hobby comes with another exclusive freebie, this issue is Zoids Blitz Hornet. Worthy to note is the first official BinarTech (or "Binaltech" as the title showed) advertisment. Take a look here and here, pretty "mature" feel compare to the general TF ads.. Another 12-36 hrs before this highly anticipated toy is officially release.

e-Hobby has started to accept pre-order for Transfomers Universe Inferno (a repaint of RiD Prowl), Ratchet (a repaint of RiD Ironhide) and also Universe Depth Charge, a repaint of Deth Charge in Beast Wars. These imported items will be shipped to buyers sometime end of November.

23 Sep 2003:

Latest issue of Figure King (#70) was out today, (official release date is 24th though), orders can be place here, anyway, as usual some new updates of Transformers,
1. Unicron will be in retail soon, according to the magazine about Unicron's minicon, Bug. Actually in the animation, there are more than one Bug, all under control of Unicron. Although the toy only comes with one. Pic here.
2. TRU Japan will be exclusively importing another Armada Transformer, this time it will be Powerlinx Jetfire. As before it will be labelled US edition Jetfire. Expected to release early October.
3. Micron Legend DVD vol.7 is also featured. With vol.7, the last member of Sonic Assault Team, Twirl (cloesest logical translation to "ToWa-ru"), a repaint of Flame of the Air Military team. This member should also be a fembot as with the other members of the Sonic Assault team. DVD would be release on 29 Oct.
4. Takara reissue Micromaster deluxe will be releasing Landcross in mid December. The pic shown is not the final color but the original release. The final color as well as the comfirmation of a chase version will be reported in more details in the next issue. The six vehicles that combine to form Landcross will be sold separately which is a first time for Landcross.

19 Sep 2003:

e-Hobby has started to accept preorder for the next Takara reissue #11, which is confirmed to be Astrotrain. Expected to release end of December. Can see site here.

Super Robot Magazine #14 was released today, and it turned up to be the last issue of this title. Therefore all the featured manga were wrapped up in this last volume, including Transformers: Star Gate Battle. In the extra length finale, [Spoilers after this point...]

Last chance.....
The story reach a climax involving the true identity of the second Starscream which appeared at the end of last epsiode. It turned out to be the Ghost of Starscream, the same one from the one who got disintegrated by Galvatron in the movie, who managed to warp time and space to came back to this timeline and attempt to change the future. With Optimus Prime been blast to the bottom of the sea by Megatron, the Autobots launched a counter offensive on the Decepticons, and in the middle of all this the ghost of Starscream took over the Trigger Gate and literally used it as his body (a la Unicron). Without giving away too much, the climax is when Autobots and Decepticons unite to defeat this foe, Optimus Prime returned in the nick of time and using Megatron in gun mode, channel enough energy from Earth by using the Matrix, unleash a powerful blast thru Megatron gun that finally destroys Starscream-Trigger Gate. A very nice ending and definitely good storyline, good use of characters and neat trick with the matrix and Megatron Gun...

18 Sep 2003:

TV Magazine is shipping the magazine exclusive Micron Legend Scourge, Black repaint of STD Convoy. More detail shots will be up soon, check out the some pic here, 1, 2, 3, 4. FantoFan secured only 3 of these exclusive Scourge. First come First serve, each at US$28.

16 Sep 2003:

TRU Japan has shipped Armada Predacon and Armada Cheetor, this is exactly the same type as the US version. Predacon is the repaint of Transmetal Megatron and Cheetor is the repaint of Transmetal Cheetor.

13 Sep 2003:

TRU Japan is giving away a promotional video titled "The Coming of Unicron" to the first 4000 customers who purchased Micron Legend toys. Extracted here - 47MB (smaller version here - 4MB) are some footage from the video, since Unicron has not appeared in the aired episodes, be warned that it contains spoilers.

10 Sep 2003:

Super Mode Megatron, SM Starscream, SM HotRod and SM Ratchet were released today in Japan, along with these "big Bots", Ex-dimension Sea minicon team (repaint in Purplelish color), Emergency minicon team and a previously unreported Ex-dimension Adventure minicon team were also been released...detail shots will be up when site provider finished fixing the server.

9 Sep 2003:

eHobby has started to ship Transformers Universe Optimus Primal, Razorclaw, Snarl and Silverbolt. These are the import version of the US edition.

3 Sep 2003:

New section added, check out site update section below for more info. Also added a gallery of Falcia, first of the Sonic Assault team.

2 Sep 2003:

Another picture on Energon Optimus Prime in combined mode has been spotted here. credit to: CosmicRust. & A.G.

1 Sep 2003:

Latest issue of Hyper Hobby released today. Besides the same upcoming forecast as reported before, it has a report on another new addtion to Transformers toyline, bottlecap figures, the first wave contains 12 figures and 2 chases. All will be in monotone color except for the 2 chases which will be in rare color. Expected to release in late September.

Also released is TV Magazine, which will be holding another lucky draw (last time it was Black Megatron) that give out 100 special color Ultra Magnus (Armada Overload), at the same time, 5000 limited edition Crystal Convoy (Clear STD Convoy) will be available thru mail in order.


27 Aug 2003:

Micron Legend DVD Vol.5 came out today with exclusive Minicon, Falcia, the first of 3 from the Sonic Assault Team. Detail shots will be up soon.

25 Aug 2003:

Some pictures of Energon Optimus Prime and Scorponok are online, access here, here and here. credit to: CosmicRust. & A.G.

Kabaya Big Transformers 2 are out, this second series is made up of Jet Convoy, Jetfire, Burning Megatron (merged with Shockwave) and Shockwave, limited articulation, simple paint scheme and non-transformable are the "highlight" of this line.

Also released at the same time is Change Mircron 2, which has Space Micron and Race Micron, these 2 teams have some slight paint variant to the original counterpart. While some has more details than the original (as in indy's eyes), others have lacked.

Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan were released today, order can be made here.

24 Aug 2003:

Have some regular sets of Myclones wave 3 for sale at cheap price, and some loose Sixtrain micromaster for sale. Check it out here.

23 Aug 2003:

MyClone Transformers wave 3 (AS#3) out!! All 8 types in this wave, 6 normal and 2 chase. The lineup are Meister (Jazz), Lamboru (Sideswipe), Alert (Red Alert), Metroplex, Ramjet, Thrust, Dirge and Dinsauder (Trypticon). Detail shots will be up soon and check back soon on sets as well as loose for sale.

Mega SCF Micron Legend Convoy and Starscream are out after a long delay.

Latest issue of Figure King is out today and in it features some news on next month's installment of Transformers. Below is a summary, you can order your copy here,
1. More new pictures on the highly anticipated Binar-Tech (Alternator) Smokescreen scheduled to release end of Sep. Some closeup shots of it including the character card, 1, 2, 3.
2. Unicron will be out in Japan, also end of September.
3. Ultra Magnus in Micron Legend (Overload in Armada) is also scheduled to be release end of Sep. Some pic from the report 1, 2, 3.
4. Super-mode of Rachet, Megatron, Ironhide, Hotrod and Starscream will be out mid Sep. The color scheme from the pic seems no different froim th
eir Armada counterparts.
5. X-Dimension Sea Micron (Blue repaint) will be released at the same time as the Super mode Transformers, as well as the Emergency microns which will carry the same color scheme as the US ones.
6. Micron Legend DVD vol. 6 will include the exclusive Minicon, Combuster, a repaint of Glide from Air Military Team. Combuster will be also a fembot, same as Farseer, another member of Sonic Assault Team. Also reported is Vol. 6 will contain promotion video clip of the PS2 Transformers game. This DVD will be release on 1 Oct.
7. More USA edition Transformers to come out exclusively from Toys R us Japan online and LAOX toy store. From TRU Japan, it will be the Transmetal Cheetor and Megatron repaint, each will come with one minicon and 2 minicons respectively. From LAOX, it will be powerlinx Cyclonus and Thrust.
8. Transformers V DVD box 1 will be released on 26 Sep. which will contain episode 1 to 24 as well as a bonus video clip called Transformers the World, from 1988.

A 2-disc pack was released 22 Aug which contain all the opening and ending songs from all the Transformers series to date, From the very first G1 to the latest Micron Legend, this 2 CD pack costs US$40 and can be order from Fan-to-Fan.

13 Aug 2003:

Late to report this, some further tibits of information on the upcoming Transformers game has been featured in Dengeki Playstation magazine released on 8 Aug. 3 features of the game were shown and described.
Spark Combo - it is a special attack that can be use by the character when they are in Spark Charged mode which can be activated by charging up their spark gauge. The combo will display a series of stylish punches and kicks to the opponent.
Team Formation - anytime in the game, the player can choose the type of formation of the 3 Transformers under the player, depending on the formation, it could activate some combo attack, shown in picture are Red Fist combo by Optimus and Rodimus Prime as well as Lighting attack when WheelJack and Jazz are attacking the same enemy. Although simple formation (Frontline, Sideline & Endline) options were available, this feature certainly add an element of strategy into the game.
Item - besides the usual item that you could pick up in the stage to replenish HP and MP, there are some item that can permanently upgrade your character's abilities, known as Energon cube, only after the stage is clear, the collected energon can be used to upgrade the character's HP or MP.
Boss - 2 bosses from the game were revelaed, Trypticon and Predaking. While the size is at least 3 times bigger than the usual Transformers, it is not known if these bosses could be used by the player once they are been defeated.
New playable characters that revealed in this report were Ultra Magnus, Arcee, Blurr, Springer, Cyclonus, Shartikon, Scourge and Octane.

11 Aug 2003:

Wizard World Chicago was held in the US and many upcoming toylines were revealed including Transformers Energon and Transformers Universe. Please jump directly to these major Transformers news sites for pictures and detail reports.
TFW2005, Transfandom and credit to: TFW2005. Transfandom and

9 Aug 2003:

Fan-to-Fan has confirmed that Micron Booster in now available from some Transformers Station shops. Known as "ver.0", this series contains the following lineup, Air Defence Team in portion metallic paint, Race Micron Team in portion metallic paint, and 2 rare Prime Red and Blue repaint, Rod and Atlas. Detail shots will be up soon, we managed to secure a few sets, all 8 including the 2 rare Prime repaints, please go to the for sale site if you are interested.
While the general color scheme for the air defence microns and Race microns is same as the original ones, the metallic repaint does exist, very subtle and easy to overlook. The metallic repaint actually were apply to the grey parts (of the original) with a more glossy look, instead of dull grey in the original, it is now close to Silver with semi-gloss finish. Check out some test shots here before the full detail shots are up. 1, 2, 3, 4
[10 Aug: editor: Thanks for the overwhelming interest in the Micron Booster set, they are currently sold out]

8 Aug 2003:

Micron Booster series has appeared on local Japan auction sites tonight indicating this item has been released to Transformers Station shops, Fan-toFan will be tracking down the availability on this item and bring you more updates.

e-Hobby has started to accept pre-order for Binar-Tech Smokescreen, scheduled to ship end of September. Also listed for pre-order are Unicron and Ultra Magnus (Armada Overload), both due to ship in October, this could very well mean that Unicron and Ultra Magnus are the next lineup in the Micron Legend series to be release in Japan.

7 Aug 2003:

As hinted in the report of the rare Black Megatron, Fan-toFan is proud to announce that we managed to secure another MIB Black Megatron, currently listed on collection for sale page, it will be featured for a limited time only before been transfer to another channel, so for you serious collectors out there, this is your chance to get it at a fix price.

Armada Skywarp (not Micron Legend) has been released exclusively from Toys R Us Japan today as US edition Skywarp.

6 Aug 2003:

Micron Legend Grapple-Super mode (Armada Hoist), Stepper (Armada Sideswipe), Rampage (Armada Wheeljack), Sea Micron team and Ex-dimension Space Micron team were all released today!! Check out some of the detail shots!!

Micromaster reissue Sixtrain can be seen here, both regualr and chase version.

1 Aug 2003:

Sunstorm and Road Hauler. Check out the detail shots here (Sunstorm) and here (Road Hauler).

Latest issue of Hyper Hobby was released today, in it features the latest upcoming toylines inlcuding Micron Legend, and also interview with Takara on the next Transformers installment, Bina-Tech (Alternators).

TV-Magazine that was released today has a mail in order form for one of the 5000 magazine exclusive Scourge, a black repaint of STD Convoy from Micron Legend comes with repaint minicon. Fan-to-Fan will continue to report the availability of this magazine exclusive item. And it hinted Crystal Convoy as next issue's exclusive magazine pre-order, no pictures were shown on it yet.

The latest issue of TV-Boy (Terebikun) is holding a penciled JetConvoy painting contest with the prize to give away 5 gold chrome Supermode Convoy, this is the same as the one in the lucky draw campaign organized by some departmental stores in Japan in August. The other prizes are 5 Unicron and 5 Space Micron team. One can assumed Unicron would be the next to be release in Japan either September or October.

Neither TV-Boy or TV Magazine reports anything about a free magazine exclusive Leader-1 repaint, as reported on various TF message boards, both issues releasing in September will not have any free Leader-1 repaint.

31 Jul 2003:

e-Hobby has shipped the exclusive set, Road Hauler and Sunstorm. Now in hand,pictures will be uploaded soon.

30 Jul 2003:

Micron Legend DVD Vol.4 is out today!! Comes with the last member of the Speed Chaser Team, TailsLight, which will combine with TopGear and Midshift to become Skyboom/Cosmic Protector, from the comic included, the story so far featured the Speed Chaser Team as evil microns. Detail shots here.

29 Jul 2003: has posted pictures of the next year's OTFCC Hotel exclusive, it's a repaint of Armada/Micron Legend Megatron, known as Mega Zarak, and is expected to be limit to 600-650 in quantities (assuming the same as this year's hotel exclusive Sunstreaker RiD version). Check out the pictures on BWTF's site here.

28 Jul 2003:

Remember Black Megatron of Micron Legend been reported sometime in April? By entering a lucky draw held by TV-Magazine, the exclusive Black Megatron will be given out as prize to 100 lucky winners, that is correct, only 100 in existence (maybe 105-120 if you counted those given out by departmental stores thru lucky draw during a campaign held in Spring), this item is more rare than Black Tracks (300 made) or Black Super Fire Convoy (1000 to 1500 made) or even OTFCC Sunstreaker (600? made). Raijin Optimus, a core member of was one of the 100 lucky winners, and has allowed Fan-to-Fan to put a page of the Black Megatron detail shots. Special Thanks to Raijin Optimus. [editor : there is another ............. a hint to serious collector out there, keep a close watch on this site for news]

27 Jul 2003:

Over the weekend, on the western front, in the states, OTFCC was on, as a major event in Transformers fandom, a host of news and pictures were featured on the major sites, as there are simply too much to be listed here, Fan-to-Fan will simply provide the links to the major TF sites so everyone will be able to instantly jump to the reports. Enjoy!!
The All Spark
TFW2005 or the main page
Transfandom or the main page

Well, on the eastern front, in Japan, Transformers fandom was not idling either, Binar-Tech Smokescreen and Micron Legend new lineup were shown (up real close) in the Hobby Expo 2003 today, unfortunately Takara did not allow photos to be taken. Also an extensive video clip of the October released Transformers PS2 game was shown. Micron Legend catalgoue were given out for free (same as those packaged with the toys) and also an unseen before pamphlet of the abovementioned game was also available for free.
Although photos were not allowed, here are some interesting observations made;
- Binar-Tech Smokescreen is huge in vehicle mode, as big as Micron Legend Megatron in Tank mode if not bigger, it was believed to be 1/24 scale or 1/32 scale [editor: it was confirmed from the report on the sites above from OTFCC that it is indeed 1/24 scale]
- Smokescreen in robot mode is highly articulated, even the fingers has separate joints. In vehicle mode, the interior of the car is highly detail, comes with dashboard, steering wheel, stick, seats among other details.
- Scheduled to be release in September. It will be as reported before as a price of 4980Yen.
- The X-dimension Space Micron repaint will be more olive drap tone with bright yellow, very tropical camoflaged... [if that helps in space...]
- Rampage will be in the same package size as Silverbolt.
- Soundwave will comes with Laserbeak that also comes with a clear cassette holder.
- Myclone Transformers series 3 will be out on in August, accompany this series, they will be in hexagon shaped boxes.

25 Jul 2003:

Micromaster Reissue SixTrain out today!! Go here if you want to get the regular set (US$18). Detail shots of this reissue set will be up when the chase version has been completed.

"Extremely Small Transformation" act 1 is for sale here, both loose and case. Only US$4 each. Detail shots of this series will be up when both chase has been completed.

Latest issue of Dengeki Hobby (with free gift, fully painted PVC GM custom figure as Titans Test team version, nice paint job with great details!!) and Hobby Japan are both out today, as always you can order this issue here.

Order for TV-Boy with Green Prime is now closed.

24 Jul 2003:

Latest issue of Figure King was released today, as usual packed with the latest toys news in Japan including lots of Transformers related toys. There have been a lot of toys magazines released in Japan recently, however, Figure King and Hyper Hobby, though in publication the longest, remained as the main stream source of latest Japan toys news. This title is highly recommended to all toys collectors, can be purchase here. In this issue, (No.68), the Transformers related news featured were;

  1. 1. Picture of the new Transformers series known as Binar-Tech (previously reported below), while no details besides the some closueup pictures of Smokescreen(?) in both vehicle and robot mode were shown, it promised more information will be divulged in the next issue.
  2. 2. Volume 5 of the Micron Legend DVD will come with an exclusive repaint minicon from the Air Military team, known as Sonic Assault team, the first one would be a fembot goes by the name Farseer (closest translation tentatively) which is a repaint of Terradive, it could be safely said that Vol. 6 and Vol. 7 will see the other members of the Air Military team repaint.
    3. Sideswipe of Armada will be Stepper (with minicon Charr) in Micron Legend, expected to release early August, Armada Hoist will be Grapple Super Mode (and minicon Super Grip) in Micron Legend, and Armada WheelJack is Rampage (and minicon Hawk), both also releasing early August.

    4. As if 3 Transformers were not enough, 4 teams of Minicons will also be out in early August, Sea Micron, Air Assault Micron, Adventure Micron and Space Micron X-dimension repaint.
    5. Armada Skywarp will be release exclsuively in Toys'R'Us Japan in the original Armada package, known as USA edition Skywarp. This will be out on 7 Aug. [editor's note: It is unknown if Takara will release a Micron Legend Skywarp in this case, so far records showed that when Takara released a USA edition, they did not release a Japanese equivalent after that.]
    6. Ito-Yokado departmental store will be giving away one free minicon with every purchase of Jetfire or Shockwave, the free minicons are the repaint (again!!) of the Race minicon and known as Road Assault team, which was retail regularly in the US. Naturally they merged to form Skyboom. Known as "This Summer's Strongest Merge campaign", it will start in August and last till stocks last.
    7. Another new line (or re-packaged line) is the Micron Booster, to be available in specific Transformers station (toys stores) from August, each sealed box will contain randomly one of the minicon from the air defence team (repaint in metallic color = pewter color?), race micron (also in metallic repaint version = pewter color?) as well as 2 chase minicon, Red Prime and Blue Prime. For those interested, Fan-to-Fan will be taking orders for this line, each at US$5.
    8. Still can't get enough of Minicons? Here is another one, wave 2 of Kabaya change Micron, the first wave were air defence team and Street action team, for those who got it will know that there are slight differences in the paint scheme. For wave 2, it will be Space micron and Race micron, while the picture does not reveal much, it can certain that there will also be some paint variations compare to the original ones. Fan-to-Fan also accepting orders for this, 6 types, each at US$4.
    9. Kabaya will also release wave 2 of the Big Transformers at the end of August. Same as wave 1, there will be 4 types, Jetfire, Shockwave, Burning Megatron and Jet-Convoy. Can be order from Fan-to-Fan, each at US$5.
    10. By purchasing any Transformers toys from Pelican or Posful, 2 of the regional departmental stores, and sending in the receipts, the buyer gets to enter a draw for one of 50 Europe version Armada Megatron, from the picture, besides the fact that it is Galvatron, no idea what is the difference in the Europe version.
    11. Barely making press time, it was reported that there will be a campaign soon that involves the prize, Gold Convoy, basically purchasing any transformers toys allows you to instantly enter the draw, similar to the one with the Black Megatron. The stores and dates for this campaign is still unknown, nor are there any pictures. Takara site will featured more details on this soon.

To place order on any of the above mentioned items, you can contact us here.

Smallest Transformers was released today. More detail shots and info to be uploaded later.

22 Jul 2003:

Uploaded some pictures of the elusive G1 TRACKS Black ver.

19 Jul 2003:

Volume 13 of Super Robot Magazine was out today. Featuring the third epsiode of the manga Transformers: Battle of StarGate. In this issue, plot continues to unfold as Autobots and Decepticons continue their war on Earth, and the Japan government having their own agenda by employing the help of the Decpeticons(!!), has a very interesting battle between Hound and the Frenzy-Rumble duo, putting their own special abilities to good use. This episode ended with a puzzling cliffhanger, appearance of another Starscream. You can order this issue from here.

[23 Jul: edit] There was a typo on the issue number, it was suppose to be Volume 13 being released 19 Jul, thus the latest issue, not Volume 14 as previously reported. Sorry for the mistake and confusion

On the same issue, it was reported that video game retail stores in Japan will be accepting preorder of the upcoming Transformers G1 PS2 game, tentatively scheduled to be release in October. On first come first serve basis, a special DVD known as "Matrix Disc" will be given to those who placed the pre-orders, it contains the all the TV commercials of the toyline aired in the 80's till the Headmasters series including the rather rare "legend of Hero" version commercial.

18 Jul 2003:

To all Transformers fans, you have to see this. Currently known as Convoy Masterpiece and Smokescreen. Smokescreen is displayed under the title Transformers Binar-Tech (Alternators? or Transformers Energon?), anyways this is extremely exciting, looks like Takara designers sure did an excellent job for the upcoming Transformers line. Credit: Rakuten Ichiban online shop for pictures and news

17 Jul 2003:

Micron Legend Shockwave, X-Dimension Air Military team and Space Micron team were all released today!!

16 Jul 2003:

We are reopening the order for this month's TV-Boy (with exclusive Green Prime minicon). This could be your last chance to get this minicon. For safety margin, we will take order till 25 Jul. Place your order here.

11 Jul 2003: experienced some difficulties today, the site was not linked properly and the address was link to all kinds of weird places. It was a problem with the IP addressing over at the hosting site, if you can see this page now, the problem has been resolved, would like to apologize for the inconvenience and confusion caused.

Today's epsiode of Transformers Mircon Legend was aired with a new opening. You can see the footage here (smaller sized version here), for more info on this series you can ask see the anime page or

5 Jul 2003:

Transformers Armada Airazor was released exclusively in TRU Japan today, detail shots will be up later.

4 Jul 2003:

For buyers interested in placing an order of the current issue of Terebi-kun (TV-boy) that comes with Green Prime (Sparkplug), Please take note that as this issue has practically sold out within the first few days it released, orders for this magazine has now closed. Any orders placed after 3 Jul will not guarantee a definite copy or copies.

1 Jul 2003:

Terebi-kun (TV-Boy) is out today, as reported a month ago, this issue comes with a free Green Prime(Sparkplug) minicon. For those that placed an order from fantofan on this issue, you should be recieving an update directly from us within 1-2 days. Takara website also feature a page on this magazine exclusive toy.

Latest issue of Hyper Hobby toy magazine was out today, in it featured similar report on upcoming Transformers, Shockwave, Black Air Military minicon set, Micron Legend DVD vol.4, beast wars TF:Universe repaint, Micromaster reissue Sixtrain etc. Order this latest issue here.

28 Jun 2003:

Micron Legend Jetfire is release to retail today, sighted in most toy stores. Detail shots will be up in an undecided future...

25 Jun 2003:

Micron Legend DVD vol.3 is out today, go here to see detail pictures of the exlcusive Minicon, Midshift.

24 Jun 2003:

Toy Magazine Figure King was released today and in it featured the first offical picture of Shockwave (Tidal Wave of Armada), check out partial scans of it here, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Expected to release in Japan mid July.

Also in the same issue, a picture of the the next Micron Legend DVD exclusive minicon, Tail-light. To be release 25 July.

Japan Minicon repaint mayhem continues.... there will be another black clear version of Air Military team planned to release in mid July, this set will be known as Air Military X-Dimension.

Other reports on Soundwave, the next Takara resissue, Micromaster reissue Sixtrain (and red chase), TF: Universe Beast wars repaints and more, you can order the magazine here.

Added a page on the detail shots of Takara Minibot keychains and their chase counterparts, check it out.

Added detail shots of Seekers and Coneheads... check them out here. (taking sometime to upload, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet will be ready tomorrow.)

20 Jun 2003:

Takara Transformers resissue 08 Inferno and 09 Starscream is out today. As reported before, Starscream comes with a more TV series paint scheme and fist that can hold Megatron in gun mode. Inferno came with a big Autobot emblem sticker. More detail shots of Starscream and other seekers will be posted soon. Also with Starscream is a special DVD-slim (thin filmsy disc) that features CG opening of the upcoming PS2 Transformers and also 3 toys commercials from the classic series.

13 Jun 2003: has put up an article with pictures on the next Transformers Series, Transformers:Energon. check out the pictures and a movie on their site.

A little more bits and pieces of news on the upcoming PS2 Transformers game from the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation magazine released today. While most of the pictures in the article are nothing new, here are some additional info about the game, see pic.
1. The game, previously estimated to release in fall, now has an estimated release month, in October.
2. Special moves for some of the characters in the game has been revealed, Optimus Prime will be able to release an energy shockwave around him. Wheeljack has the round house kick ability and Jazz can do the spinning kick in mid air. It seems in order to use these special attack, you would need to charge up enough energy first. 1, 2, 3, 4
3. There will be some parts in the stage where it is absolutely necessary to utillize the alternate form, car mode or others, for example navigating thru floating mines within a time limit can be achieved only in car mode so the height would not trigger those mines. See pic

Although there has no official pictures of the upcoming Tidal Wave (Shockwave in Micron Legend) been released yet, the toy made a surprise cameo appearance in the Jetfire toy commercial. While it's a spilt second appearance, you can see the color scheme of the Japan version, check out the screen capture 1 and 2, or the video capture.

12 Jun 2003:

In the last few days many things have transpired which could directly shaped the future of Transformers. While no longer consider new news, they are reported below for reference. Too awestruck and have neglected to update them to this site....but here they are, all at once...
1. Hasbro has announced the title of the next Transformers series, it will be called Transformers:Energon. Link to official Hasbro press release.
2. The word is out that there is a possibility of live action Transformers movie. As most online news have covered this story by now, the information are all the same, a link to Reuters for this story.

Aichi Autobase has put up some shots of the second wave smallest Transformers, the lineup will be Megatron, Hot Rod, Jazz, Prowl, Skids & Tracks, the secret item(s) is still undisclosed. See the shots here. Expected to release in December.Credit: Aichi Autobase/Snakas for the news and the pictures.

Another new line from Hasbro, known as Built to Rule will feature lego style with Transformers as the theme. There have been pictures released on the lineup on the Hasbro Transformers site, link to press release here.
BTR Optimus Prime
BTR Hotshot
BTR Smokescreen
BTR Starscream
BTR Megatron & Cyclonus
BTR Demolisher

9 Jun 2003:

TFW2005 has put up some nice shots of Unicron in box. Check out the news article here. And read the thread here. Credit: Kickback of TWF2005 for the news & Megatoron for the pictures.

In the next issue of TV-Boy (TeReBi-Kun) scheduled to release on 1 July, it will include a free Green repaint of the minicon Sparkplug (Prime in Micron Legends). The issue will also comes with a paper launcher and paper Transformers stand ups for the Green sparkplug to knock down. Check out the scans of coming attraction in the current issue here, 1, 2,3,4.
From now till end of June, Fan to will accept preorders for this issue, at US$8 (not including shipping) you will get the magazine and everything that comes with the issue. Place order here or go to Magazine page to see what other titles we can provide.

8 Jun 2003:

Hasbro has put up large pictures of the upcoming Transformers Universe line,
Blackarachania: Beast mode, Robot mode.
Striker: Beast mode, Robot mode.
Obsidian & Tankor: Vehicle mode, Robot mode.

6 Jun 2003:

Entertainment Earth listed Transformers Universe for preorders, with good pcitures of some interesting beast wars repaints and some beast machines repaints. Check it out here and here.

BBTS put up a preview pic of the next Micromaster reissue, SixTrain, the chase with this line is actually a red SixTrain, believed to be an Autobot also as opposed to previous reissues where the chase is the opposite faction of the regular colors, this chase SixTrain will be SixTrain Rage mode. You can see the picture here.

31 May 2003:

Bigger & Better! After a few days of site lock-out due to an overflow of the bandwidth, this site is now back in operation, moved to another host that supports a wider bandwidth limitation. Apologies for those who tried to access here these past few days.

HyperHobby is out today, as always featuring tons of toy info. Order your copy here. In it is a shadowed picture of the upcoming Tidal Wave which will be known as Shockwave in Micron Legend, from the small pict, it seems to have a color quite different from Tidal Wave, it remains to be seen if this will be the final color for the Micron Legend version. Also features the picture of the thrid exclusive minicon of Micron Legend DVD Vol.3.

29 May 2003:

eHobby has started to take pre-orders of the upcoming Transformers:Universe line, alos posted pictures of package and alt modes. Take a look.

28 May 2003:

Micron Legend DVD Vol.2 was out today, detail shots of the exclusive Minicon, TopGear here.

24 May 2003:

Latest issue of Figure King out today, you can order a copy here. As always packed with the latest news on toys and hobbies, and features a look at the exclusive minicon, Midship (Midshift?) from vol.3 of Mircon Legend DVD. Also an interesting news is the next Micromaster reissue from Takara will be SixTrain, although no pictures of this reissue is in this issue.

23 May 2003:

Latest issue of Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan are out in stores today, you can order a copy here. On Dengeki Hobby, it show the lineup of Q Robot series 2 which will include (besides the 3 previously reported below) G1 Optimus with own weapon, Sideswipe, Shockwave, Hound, Frenzy & Ravage.

In the DVD-Rom that come with the latest issue of Dengeki PS2 magazine released today, it included a movie clip of the G1 Transformers PS2 game.

19 May 2003:

Super Robot Magazine vol. 12 (featuring epsiode 2 of the new G1 Transformers manga) is out in stores. Order your copy on the magazine page!!

Check out my gallery of Metalforce Optimus Prime from Time House.

16 May 2003:

According to the latest issue of monthly comic, BonBon, starting from June, the departmental store Jusco will exclusively release Armada Beast Rhinox repaint & Terrorsaur repaint. It is believed they will carry the US package.

Also on the same issue of BonBon, a sneak peak of 3 of the second series of Q robots, Super mode Armada Optimus Prime, Jetfire and G1 Devastator. Take a look here and here. has posted some unofficial pictures of the OTFCC (previously BotCon) exclusives.

15 May 2003:

Micron Legend Silverbolt (Armada Blurr) has been released to retail in Japan. It comes in 2 types of packages, one is by itself and the other is bundle with the set of Street Speed team minicons.

12 May 2003:

Hasbro site was updated with even more new images of upcoming Transformers. The new ones include Transmetal AirRazor repaint (beast, Robot), Transmetal Cheetor repaint (beast, Robot) and Beast Wars Megatron repaint - Predacon (beast, Robot) as well as Overload (vehicle, minicon Robot)and Skywarp(vehicle, Robot). Check it out. Credit: Tim Formas of TWF2005 for the news.

9 May 2003:

Hasbro site was updated with a lot of new pictures on the new and upcoming Armada line which includes the Powerlinx series. Very nice repaints, a definite improvemen to the initial counterparts. Check it out.

Autobase Aichi updated with shots of the Land Military Minicon team Night Attack repaint. These are the ones given out by Toys'R'Us Japan with every purchase of Micron Legend Transformers. They are the same ones as the set been retail in the states.

1 May 2003:

Micron Legend DVD vol.1 released today, included is a comic & the exclsuive minicons set, Super Stunt Team, which made up of Red Line, Flat Out and Sabo.

New issue of Hyper Hobby is released today. Order your copy here.

Jusco departmental store started to release their exclusive minicons repaint, free with only purchase of a Super mode Convoy. Only 1200 of these are available, the minicons are actually Black version of Destruction team and are called Space Galaxy edition. There will be 3 types available and only one will be packaged in every Super mode Convoy. Check out Autobase Aichi for detail pic.

28 Apr 2003:

TV Magazine was released today, it features a lucky draw campaign that will give away 100 Black Megatron along with 50 regular Transformers from the Micron Densetsu line. Not really new and big difference picture of the black Megatron was featured in the magazine as compare to the one on Takara site. pic1, pic2.

eHobby extended pre-order period of their exclusive set, Road Hauler & Sunstorm till 15 May, according to their newsletter, the extension is due to an adjustment of their production runs.

26 Apr 2003:

White base Minicons (which I have come to call, "Sparkless" Minicons) are out in Takara certified shops today, 3 types in all and each sold separately. Put up some shots of it of my collection page, take a look!

25 Apr 2003:

Latest issue of Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby magazine are both out today, featuring tons of information on Gundam/mecha model kits and toys. This issue of Dengeki Hobby comes with a booklet that catalogued all the MS Selection (Capsule Gundam line). Order your copy on Magazine page.

24 Apr 2003:

Latest issue of Figure King is out, order it from Magazine page. Some latest news on Transformers front featured in this latest issue;

1. Silverbolt (Blurr) will be next to be release in Japan, mini-con would be Turbo.
2. The minicon repaint that comes with vol. 2 of DVD will be TopGear of Speed Chaser team (repaint of Mirage). Black and green will be the main colors. As Speed Chaser team is actually the repaint of Racer team who combine to form Skyboom, it would be likely Speed Chaser team will be able to form Black(?) Skyboom. See pic
3. Next Takara reissue will be Inferno and Starscream as reported before, featured also pictures of Megatron in gun mode which can be attached to underbelly of Starscream jet mode. Also comes with Starscream are a CG footage DVD and an optional right fist of Optimus Prime which allows him to hold Megatron gun. See pic1, pic2
4. More detail pictures of smallest Transformers line, including box, expected to release in July.
5. Usual report on ehobby exclusive RoadHauler/Sunstorm set, Transformers mini cars (non transformables) and Myclone AS# 3.

6. Some departmental stores will be holding lucky draws for every purchase of Transformers, the grand prize will be Black Megatron (Micron Densetsu), draw expected to be on the spot when you give your draw coupon. This campagin will start end of this month and last till the draw coupons ran out.

20 Apr 2003:

Added tons of detail pictures of SCF PVC Act 9 & Act 10 on My Collection page.

19 Apr 2003:

The kid's magazine, TV magazine, from Japan will be holding a lucky draw that gives away 100 Black Megatron from Micron Densetsu. The magazine featuring more details will be released on 28 Apr. Check out the picture from Takara here. Credit: Kickback of TWF2005 for the news.

11 Apr 2003: put up a detail review of the new Dinobots. These are repaints of the ones from the Beast Wars series with minor changes, take a look.

10 Apr 2003:

eHobby just updated their site the finalized picture of their exclusive RoadHauler (Autobot) and SunStorm (Decepticon) set. RoadHauler is a repaint of G1 Grapple in Constructicon Green and SunStorm is a repaint of G1 Starscream in Orange. This set is now for pre-order and will close on 30 Apr. Take a look.

6 Apr 2003:

Kabaya Changed Micron StarSaber & Bumble available widely (in Japan) and acquired. Exactly the same mold as the Air Defence Micron set and the Street Action Micron set, these are sold in separate box. With only a small variation in paint, this series is same as the Takara's counterpart.

4 Apr 2003:

Entertainment Earth posted some pictures of the upcoming Armada Transformers, Overload, SkyWarp and Tidal Wave, although specified that these are still in prototype color, it looks like they have all the details painted and likely to be the final versions.

2 Apr 2003:

1 Apr 2003: